About Us

Vision Of

Our Chairman (Founder) has one vision which states as:

“Peaceful, Secured and environmental community for everyone that matches common man budget”

Our Projects

Mr. Nageswar Rao Aluri started the Aaditri project to develop a society that covers a living standard that will provide a sense of community and lavish infrastructure that includes maximum numbers of facilities.

Mr. Aluri’s vision is to bring a modern community accompanied with all the facilities but he also keeps in mind the economical situation of the common man in India. He introduced Aaditri as a platform where people can meet their dreams that come within budget.

Mr. Aluri started this project concept right on time when living in elite communities started to be considered expensive. He started his concept with the name Aaditri in 2016. Aaditri is now successfully providing the living standard that fulfils the dream of a common man at the most affordable price.

Our Plans And Goals To Bring Changer

As Aaditri started with the concept of bringing change in living standards, similarly its goal is also to collaborate with our founder’s visions. Aadtri’s housing scheme comes with a plan that enables people to live in a community that provides a peaceful, secure, and friendly environment. No matter from what financial background customers belong to, they can afford the best living at Aaditri.

Our main goal is to design and deliver a community that satisfies the expectations of our customers. We keep our designs facilitated with all the necessary space that brings entertainment and security in residential areas. To keep this track in flow our Architectural Engineers put required dedication to bring out the best results. Our promise meets the certified quality standards, so it is easy for us to make our customers understand that they are investing in the long-term residence where their dream will get valued doubled by the time.

Our Plans And Goals To Bring Changer

Our team from top to bottom has a unique mindset to promote Aaditri and their roles help us to make a leading company in India. We have a huge base of working mediums that makes us able to operate various tasks.


Aaditri has a world-class team of landscaping in-lined who helps us to execute our plan as per the designed infrastructure. Our landscaping team makes sure to have land that covers the ideal coverage of greenery to water facilities.


Landscaping teamwork becomes easier as Aaditri owns a world-class Architectural team. Our team has the unique yet the most affordable concept and designs that help Aaditri’s vision of providing elite residency for the common man easier.


Our planning and execution becomes easier as Aaditri owns a wide-scale team and backup that includes its own infrastructure along with its own brick plant. This makes Aaditri one of the best and leading development companies in India.


Aaditri owns the best Project Management Consultancy that helps Aaditri to execute all of our vision and plan in a way that becomes feasible for both parties.

We ensure that every community is constructed by keeping the supreme quality standard that makes our customers feel like the home of their dream. We make sure to include all the space such as view, security, and environment that makes you feel at home.

Aaditri works day and night to make India one of the best places to live in a residential community. We have successfully owned 50+ crore infrastructure that has built 11+ communities that makes a happy customer family of more than 5000. Apart from that Aaditri is still working to take their vision from southern India to all over India while working on 1 Lakh Sq Ft Ongoing Construction.

Aaditri owns a strong financial status that enables us to undertake any infrastructure and construction. We have a world class team along with a strong well equipped base that makes Aaditri different from its competitors. As we have good financial resources and a well-equipped machinery system, it enables us to execute any project easily.

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